How To Get The Most Out Of Your Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a software solution that provides you with important data about what is happening in your website. As simple as that, but in Digital One Marketing we believe that most websites still needs to solve three fundamental problems:

The Right Web Analytic Solution

As a web marketing support firm, we see many different types of websites with differing support needs. What is the right web analytics solution for your needs? Our firm almost always recommends Google Analytics, a free web analytics solution that is robust enough for the vast of majority of websites. Our firm finds that the cases are rare where a more powerful analytics solution is required.

Poor Installation and Configuration

Google Analytics is a relatively easy web analytics solution with a few steps for general installation and it needs to be configured properly in order for it to be useful to reflect your business objectives. These configuration include setting up goals and funnels, filtering company traffic, configuring ecommerce tracking, tracking campaigns and events, and customizing the dashboard reports to reflect the most meaningful reports relevant to your site. Digital One Marketing is a web analytics support agency that can help you get your Google Analytics installed and configured properly.

What Data Matters

Google Analytics can provide you with an ocean of data. Effective use of your web analytics means discerning which data actually matters to your business and can provide actionable information. We will provide the necessary support for you to understand what is and isn’t important from your web analytics data. Our target is to ensure that you have both the web analytics tools and the support you need. Our web analytics support team will help you customize your analytics dashboard and structure your datas so you can get all the information you need.